Monday, September 27, 2010

We're Bringing the MLL MVP To Town!

Hope everyone has had a great summer. Sorry about the radio silence, It's been a busy & productive summer but I found myself one step behind the hurricane instead of a few steps in front of it. It's no way to run a blog, I'll tell ya. But it happens, good lesson for you kids out there. I HAVE been working it, rest assured.

If the pro MVP in your sport came to Louisville (Peyton Manning, LeBron James etc), would you go to their clinic? Would that be a great opportunity?

I'm thrilled to announce that Rock Steady Lacrosse is running a shooting clinic with Matt Poskay on October 29 & 30 at the River City Sports Arena, 3383 Freys Hill Rd, Louisville, KY 40241. Matt is the 2010 Major League Lacrosse MVP

So why Matt Poskay? He scored 362 goals in high school...that averages out to be 90 goals a season. Who does that? No one.

And through his experience at UVA & with the Boston Cannons, he's not only an excellent shooter, he's also emerged as a scorer who is great WITHOUT the ball- he consistently puts himself in situations where he can catch the ball & get his shot off & on cage. If there are six offensive players & one ball, then you're playing without the ball an average of 83% of the time. Need any work on that part of your game? Do you ever get confused & stand around without the ball? Be honest with yourself...

After coaching high school ball in Louisville the past 10 years, EVERY SINGLE OFFENSIVE PLAYER IN OUR LEAGUE could benefit from working with Matt & implementing the things that he does. I can't stress enough how unique this opportunity really is. Plus, he's a great guy; we'll see if we can get him to shake some hands & kiss some babies since it'll be during election season.

Video corroboration:

Cost is $125 & space is limited in both the middle school & high school sessions. The form is available at

Time to learn how to shoot the rock like you're...Rock Steady!